French property market update – May 2024

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Here is a summary of the French property market news in May 2024:


Mortgage interest rates continue to fall

The average mortgage interest rate in April 2024 was 3.81% fixed, down from 3.90% fixed in March. In April, the average interest rates were as follows:

  • 15 year fixed rate mortgage: 3.69%
  • 20 year fixed rate mortgage: 3.76%
  • 25 year fixed rate mortgage: 3.84%

Remember in France that most mortgage interest rates are fixed for the entire term. Feel free to check out our French mortgages FAQ.


An increase in the number of mortgage completions in 2024

The number of mortgages completed has increased by 73.8% from January to April 2024, but the number of mortgages being completed is still far below previous years. You can find out more information and statistics here.


Fall in property prices

New data has been published which shows that property prices in France fell in 2023. The numbers are as follows:

  • Overall fall in France (excluding overseas territories): 3.9%
  • This can be broken down as an average price decrease of 3.8% for houses and 4.1% for apartments
  • The fall in apartment prices was even higher for big cities, such as 6.8% in Paris and 10.3% in Lyon.

You can read more about French property price trends in this report produced by French notararies (in French).


How can Aisa International France help you?

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