At Aisa International in France, we are financial advisers, not salespeople. This means that when we provide wealth management, we look at your whole situation and provide the best advice for you. And, because we are independent advisers, we are not tied to individual providers or pressured to push unsuitable high-commission products.

We are a fee-based company, so when you choose Aisa you are paying for the quality advice, not the high commissions on products. We do not need to sell products to earn our money, so we will never suggest something to you unless it is suitable for your needs.

We work with a range of different providers to ensure we are able to offer the best solutions for you, our client.

We are also regulated for both insurance and investments, so whatever your objectives, we can help!

In each case, we can provide you with up-to-date taxation liabilities, and a full study based on your needs and objectives.