Transparent Fees

Understanding the difference between Fees and Commissions

How can you avoid being charged too much?

Transparency of fees and understanding.

We only do Transparent Fees – No Commissions

Aisa International does not charge commission, rebating it all. We charge up-front, transparent fees for our financial planning services, so you know exactly what you are paying before any work is carried out. Because we are fee based and independent, you can be sure that we are always acting in your best interests, rather than for our own pockets!

When advisers and salespeople work on commission, it can often appear to be ‘free’ advice for you; whilst this is understandably tempting, a lack of up-front costs does not necessarily mean the service is ‘free’. Instead, the adviser is paid through product commissions, which can encourage them to recommend the product that offers the largest commission, rather than offering you the best product for your individual circumstances. The larger the commission, the higher the ongoing charges and surrender penalties, and the bigger the impact on your returns and your future.

Ultimately, you still end up paying, sometimes more than you would have spent in fees, and because they are not transparent you may not even know exactly what you are being charged. You may also have an access surrender charge on your fund(s) that you are not told about until it is too late!

How we work

tickStep 1: We understand your objectives and plans.

tickStep 2: We charge a fee to put our advice in writing.

tickStep 3: You consider our advice under no obligation.

tickStep 4: Agreed actions are implemented for the agreed fee.

Aisa International works with a range of providers, and offers a variety of products (including French) to ensure that we can offer what is best for you. We will never offer a product or tell you to transfer your pension unless we believe it is the best thing for you, and have explained our advice.

For up-to-date information on our fees and services, please contact us.

Potential red flags

These typical warning signs that could mean you have received bad advice in the past, or been caught out by unnecessary high commissions:

  • One or more of my investments have become worthless
  • The adviser, who I trusted, has disappeared
  • My investments are going up theoretically but the overall investment isn’t – why?
  • I do not understand why the charges are much higher than expected
  • My fund is locked away for a minimum period but I wasn’t told until it was too late
  • My pension income is being reduced, or I have been told my fund will run out
  • If any of these apply to you, why not review your fund(s) to see if you have been incorrectly advised, or if your charges are too high. It may be possible to:

    tickReduce ongoing charges

    tickReview the portfolio in line with your risk

    Avoid making the wrong decision

    The right advice comes with total transparency and recommendations from regulated specialists. You should not be scared to ask and investigate.