Visas could be granted to British second home owners in France

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Visas for British second home owners in France

UPDATE February 2024. The proposition was defeated by the French senate, but campaigners and the Senator who proposed the law, Martine Berthet, have not given up and want to re-propose the law later in the year.

Visas for British second home owners in France

On Tuesday the 19th of December, the French parliament (l’Assembée nationale) approved a new immigration law (la loi sur l’immigration). This law contains several controversial measures but it does contain a change that may benefit some of our clients and future clients: automatic long-stay visas for British second home owners in France.


What are the changes? 

Long-stay visas will granted automatically to British citizens who own a second home in France. British citizens will not need to apply for this, it will be assumed to be possessed automatically to any British citizen who doesn’t already have a visa or residency card and who owns a second home in France. Currently, second home owners can only stay in France and the Schengen Area for 90 days in every 180.


What is the duration of a long-stay visa? 

Long-stay visas in France have a duration of four to 12 months, depending upon the exact type of visa. The duration of the visas to be granted in this law has not been specified, but it can be assumed that these will be visas of up to 12 months, after which point an application for a residency card can be made.


Will the visa allow the right to work? 

This has not been specified but it is unlikely, you normally have to apply specifically for a visa which allows you to perform a professional activity in order to work in France.


What happens next? 

The specific conditions for the long-stay visas for British second home owners in France will soon be specified by the Conseil d’Etat, before it becomes law.


How can Aisa International help you? 

We can help you obtain mortgages from private banks in Europe for property purchases in France. We can also provide you with guidance on French mortgages from retail banks. We are regulated investment advisers in the European Union.


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