French personal finances – changes in June

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French personal finances – changes for June 2024

Here is a summary of the personal finance changes in France to come in June 2024:


Increase in reference gas prices

In June, the reference price of natural gas in France increases by 1.8% due to an increase in wholesale market prices. This follows an increase of 1.4% from April to May. Consumer gas bills are expected to increase as a result.


Pass’Sport relaunched to help with the cost of sporting activities

From June, families and young people who receive certain allocations from the government can apply for a Pass’Sport which grants €50 per child to help fund sporting activities for the child or young person. You can read more about this here.


Increased help for psychologist appointments

The government support to finance psychological therapy sessions, Mon Soutien Psy, increases in June. You can now obtain up to 12 sessions per year, rather than 8 previously, and the amount of support increases from €30 to €50. It is also no longer necessary to have a recommendation from a general doctor (médecin généraliste) in order to benefit from this support.


Simplification of some prescriptions

From the 1st of June, pharmacies will be able to prescribe antibiotics for throat infections and some inflammations (cystitis). Opticians will also have greater freedom to change the lenses of glasses without passing by an eye doctor.


Address changes for 1.8 million French households

From the 1st of June, all property addresses must contain a name and a number. Make sure to check if your address is simply a “lieu-dit” and didn’t previously have a property number.


Last deadline for French tax returns

Today, the 6th of June, is the tax return deadline for those who live in départements 55 à 976. Make sure that you have filed your tax return if you were resident in France in 2023.


Increase in water prices in the Toulouse metropolitan area

Toulouse is introducing higher water prices for the summer and lower water prices for the winter in order to encourage households to be more efficient with their water usage. Prices increase by 42% in June and will then decrease by 30% from November to the end of May 2025.


European Central Bank expected to cut interest rates

An announcement is expected later today, the 6th of June  2024, to cut European Central Bank interest rates, which should reduce the cost of borrowing but also reduce the interest rates offered by savings accounts. This is due to the stable low inflation rates recorded this year.

Edit: The European Central Bank has cut interest rates as expected, by 0.25%. 


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